The High Prairie Farms Metro District is responsible for the public areas around our neighborhood. It is supported by our Property Taxes. You can find out more info at their website here: HPFMD website.

They sent us their 2017 budget and we thought you might be interested.

March 4, 2018: I haven’t received their 2018 budget (yet) and it’s not posted on their website. If/when I get a copy, it will be posted here.

Your HOA Board.

Metro District 2017 Budget


The new Covenants have passed and are in
full force and effect as of November 13, 2018.

Our records show that only one household actually expressed a No vote.
We would like to hear from all of you be it Yes or No.

The changes we made to the actual covenants were minor.
We actually relaxed a few provisions!
The legal changes are to be in compliance with new Colorado Laws.
If there is a section in question, please compare to our existing Covenants.
90% of the time you will find nothing has changed.

Phone numbers are posted under CONTACT & HELP.

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