Governing Documents for Realtors

If you need complete legal documents including Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Covenants and so on please fill out this form in it's entirety and click submit. You will also have to submit your payment to: High Prairie Farms Home Owners' Association c/o Colorado Dream Properties, 12900 Stroh Ranch Place, Suite 125, Parker, CO 80134, Tel: (303) 841-0800
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    All Homeowner`s Association declarations, bylaws, operating agreements, rules and regulations, party wall agreements, minutes of most recent annual owners` meeting, and minutes of any directors` meetings during the 6 months immediately preceding the date of the Contract. If none of the preceding minutes exist, then the most recent minutes, if any, (collectively “Governing Documents“), most recent financial documents consisting of (a) annual and most recent balance sheet, (b) annual and most recent income and expenditures, (c) annual budget, and (d) reserve study, if any (collectively, “Financial documents“).
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    Once we receive your payment the Governing Documents will be sent to the email address provided. Mail a check to: High Prairie Farms Homeowners' Association c/o Colorado Dream Properties 12900 Stroh Ranch Place, Suite 125 Parker, CO 80134 Tel: (303) 841-0800
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